Case Study: FirstBank Loop

by Kofi Dadzie, October 19, 2015

Loop is Nigeria’s first premium lifestyle content and commerce app delivered by FirstBank. It delivers social recommendations to users both within the app and through messaging services enabled by Rendezvous:


As an app install campaign, the goals and budget were clearly set to a per-install basis. How did FirstBank’s agency Yellow Brick Road deliver this campaign with Rendezvous?

– Rendezvous Campaign Manager composed cross-channel campaign with ads placed on GDN, Facebook, email and, and mobile media (SMS)

CM setup

– Lead generation powered by Rendezvous Landing Pages

– Rendezvous Viral Incentive Programming: delivered a viral sub-campaign with a click-through rate greater than 13%, more than 3x the CTR on ads for all other channels

– Measurement and optimization by Campaign Manager

– In-app reporting with Google Analytics and Flurry integration

– Rendezvous powered in-app social recommendations enables a unique experience for each user

Screenshot_Loop menu  Loop home screen  Recommendations in Loop


Visit FirstBank Nigeria’s corporate web presence for Loop >>


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