Case Study: Peak

by Kofi Dadzie, October 19, 2015

Client Testimonial

“Our experience with using Rancard’s platform for our 3-month long
‘Shine with Peak’ campaign was satisfying. We must commend Rancard
on its expertise and professionalism in putting this challenging
campaign together—from conception to operation.”

Afua Amoasi-Andoh, Marketing Lead, Peak Milk

Peak Milk is a brand owned by the world’s largest diary cooperative, Friesland Campina, with over 30 brands and present in 32 countries.

It has a significant presence in West Africa and is the market leader in Nigeria. In Ghana, its most popular brand is Peak Milk.

FrieslandCampina’s immediate focus in Ghana was to ramp up sales
and increase its market share in the highly competitive diary
products sector. One of the key products in their line up is the
170gm evaporated Peak milk tin.

peak milk tin

It turned to its agency Ogilvy to formulate a campaign that would
give it the required impetus in the market. Ogilvy and Rancard
together came up with a multipronged campaign that would help Peak

The objectives: Help in Brand Lift and drive Purchase Intent within
a 60 day period.



Rancard technology delivered the objectives with the Rendezvous Campaign Manager (RCM) and mobile Message Server (RMS). The platform also provided a rewards redemption system that enabled customers of Peak to text in a 12 digit batch number to a toll-free short code to redeem various prizes.

RCM enabled constant measurement and optimization of the multi-pronged campaign to optimize the user experience and boost outcomes.


campaign performance

Rendezvous Campaign Manager helped deliver approximately 100% increase in weekly sales on an average over the pre-campaign period.


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