Growing AI-assisted Conversational Discovery…

Users in Facebook Messenger have found a new way to get their friends opinions on literally anything – retail, places and services.

Who’s using Rendezvous?
People from across 6 continents and in many countries, prominently US, Egypt, Canada, Philippines, Australia.

How does Rendezvous work?

Rendezvous is unusual but most natural as a recommendation engine because it’s all about getting you results based on whose opinion you trust in a specific genre.

Users can share catalogs to get their friends opinions in Messenger and eventually across other channels including WhatsApp, iMessage, WeChat, etc.

Ultimately, Rendezvous users get serendipitous recommendations as their trust graph grows…

What are folks asking their friends for recommendations on?

The Rendezvous zeitgeist shows the most requested categories are music, fashion apparel, electronics…