Activity-Based Audience Engagement for Retail Brands Financial Services Telcos FMCG Brands Consumer Services Household Brands

Engage with your mobile audiences using activity-based cloud solutions and best-in-class machine learning

Over 120 billion engagements on our platform by the world’s leading brands

Innovation at the Speed of Trust


Boost engagement for user acquisition and sales


Gain insights into user & audience preferences


Superior management with cross-channel execution


Increase customer retention, loyalty & revenue

Next-Gen AI-Enabled Audience Engagement

Social Recommendations by Rendezvous

Rendezvous enables trust-based recommendations using shared interests of users

AI-enabled Conversational Engagement for Brands

Automate customer support using AI-enabled conversational experiences

Reward-Driven Customer Retention & Loyalty Campaigns

Personalized rewards management to boost customer loyalty, increase reach & sales

Conversational Commerce with Retail Experience

Enable retail ordering on social messaging channels using conversational commerce

Mobile Cloud Service Delivery Platform for Telcos

Leverage service delivery solutions to unlock scale and transform telco infrastructure to Network-as-a-Platform

Personalised Messaging for Brands and People

Cloud based mobile messaging service for notifications, updates, and engagement

Voice AI for Enhanced Conversational Experience

Unlock AI-enabled voice channels using natural language processing and best-in-class machine learning

Frictionless Payments for all Services

Mobile payments with support for carrier billing, mobile wallets and micro-payments

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