Mobile Cloud SDP

by Kofi Dadzie, October 25, 2015

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The Unify mobile cloud service delivery platform (SDP) connects to messaging gateways and billing systems on mobile networks and hides the complexities of deploying, managing and delivering content and services via an intuitive web-based portal.

connectivity profile

At the heart of the Unify platform is the Rancard Mobility Server which embeds a telecoms API for 2-way multi-channel messaging (SMS, MMS, USSD, etc.) for developers to integrate push messaging into apps & SAAS (Software As A Service) offerings:

RMS layout

The Unify cloud delivery platform operates on carrier grade infrastructure in a top tier data center with geographic redundancy. It comes standard with a web based interface which enables you to manage all aspects of your mobile service delivery, including API’S to access services on our platform from external applications.

Key functions:

  • service delivery over multiple channels
  • secure message data hiding (RMS-MDH)
  • support for multiple SMSCs on a single interface
  • programmable APIs and extensions
  • self-service creation, configuration and customization
  • multi-function reporting & analysis

Component applications available with Unify:

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