More Raving Reviews on Rendezvous by Two Kids And a Coupon

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Black Friday is almost here and Christmas is only a month away. Have you started your holiday shopping yet???


The quest to find the perfect holiday gifts is on, and as much as we try to find just the right gifts on our own, it can sometimes be tough to know what is exactly right for that special someone. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to get recommendations from friends and family to make sure that gift would be a perfect fit?


Now you can!  Shopping with friends has always been more fun and you can now get recommendations on items you’re thinking about buying from your friends and family via the Rendezvous Facebook Messenger AI bot even if they live far away.
Rendezvous is a social recommendations engine based on trusted opinions of connected users (your friends) and helps you find relevant products through your friends’ recommendations on brands you love. Simply open up your Facebook Messenger app on mobile and search for Rendezvous.
While I know what I’m getting my own children for the holidays this year, I’m not always certain what to get my older nieces and nephews. Since my kids are the youngest of the family, teens and tweens are kind hard for me when it comes to shopping. Rendezvous is a way for me to collect some recommendations on gift ideas. By using Rendezvous with Facebook Messenger on my mobile device, I can quickly and easily ask my sisters and friends who have teens for their top gift recommendations, and I can easily click through to Amazon to make a purchase. Living in a small, rural town where there aren’t any shopping options, online shopping and Amazon Prime are my go-to for nearly everything for holiday gift giving. I love that I can also share gift ideas with other Facebook friends who are doing their own shopping, and they can create collections and curate recommendations themselves. Check out my collection here.


Shopping with friends has always been more fun & you can now get recommendations from your friends and family via the Rendezvous Facebook Messenger AI bot.

Rendezvous offers an easy way to get feedback from people you trust via Facebook messenger on items that you’re thinking about purchasing. Whether you use it for shopping for the perfect dress for holiday events or the dream gift for your significant other or kids, it’s a nice way to get feedback and recommendations from the friends and family members that you trust.

Want to use Rendezvous to help get recommendations from your family and friends? Just click here to launch Facebook messenger and hit “Get Started”.

What would you ask your friends and family for gift recommendations on?