Ordering Food in Accra is an Extreme Sport!

I was scrolling through Twitter the other day when I came across someone’s tweet that ordering food in Accra is an extreme sport.

The quoted tweets and replies were so relatable, it prompted me to search ‘ordering food in Accra’ on Twitter. What I found was no different from what my personal experience has been. Complaints about food ordering in Accra are rampant! From the difficulty in reaching the vendor or establishment, to the back and forth about the menu and what is available or not, to delivery wahala!

Imagine this, you are at your desk working, you raise your head and realize it’s 1:30 pm. Ei! So soon? Your stomach growls loudly reminding you to get lunch before your 2:30pm meeting. You decide to call a restaurant to place an order. Once you get the number off Google, you dial only to hear “the person you are trying to reach is on another call. Please stay on the line or call back later.” You try again and your call is still waiting. Several tries later, you get through to the restaurant. As you’re placing your order, the call drops. You call again and “sorry, the person you’re calling is busy. Please call back later’. You try again and your call is waiting. When you finally get through again, it’s a different attendant and you have to start the order all over again! By this time, you are exasperated, your meeting is in 25 minutes. Why didn’t you just buy Kofi brokeman from down the road? Because at this rate, you don’t even want to think about delivery wahala.

The stress that comes with ordering food is avoidable. Every time a potential customer’s call is waiting, there is the possibility of the loss of that sale. Anybody looking to make a purchase does not appreciate the call waiting and number busy messages. Oh, and there’s the issue of rude attendants. Nobody wants that!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could place your order without all the attendant problems? How easy would it be to dial a short code whenever you want to order your favourite pizza? How about going to the restaurant’s Facebook page and chatting with them to place your order? I like that when I suddenly crave spicy wings and yam chips while stuck in traffic on my way home, I can dial a short code, go through the menu and order without any hassle.

In the past year, while working from home, I had my nieces spend a lot of time at my place. There were several instances where they wanted pizza with extra extra cheese. It was always easy to take my phone, open the Messenger app and order. With the pizza usually arriving in good time, it’s no wonder I’m their favourite auntie (cue Auntie of the year! Go me!). And any business that makes their processes simple and efficient, and makes me my nieces’ favourite auntie is a business I will keep patronizing and recommending…

So, how do we solve the food ordering wahala? Voila! The Rancard Commerce app, engineered to deliver seamless food ordering, is here to solve the problems your customers encounter in trying to reach you.

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