Rancard: 'rancarder' (in French) means to arrange to meet - a Rendezvous; 'se rancarder' means to get information. Our goal is to provide a safe rendezvous for valuable information on your customers
To connect the world's leading brands to relevant mobile audiences at a minimum cost per acquisition
To be the mobile platform of choice for the world's leading brands


Life is a journey...

2001 – 2005: The early years

With a vision to create a world class software out of Africa, we set out and incorporated Rancard Solutions Limited in Accra, Ghana, and in the same year built a rapid software application development platform and a carrier class mobile internet gateway.

Our mobile platform journey was to be suspended till the mobile telco industry caught up, in favor of custom software applications driving enterprise management for companies including KPMG, AQ Solutions (for General Electric), WHO, Enterprise Insurance, TEDC,…

2006 – 2011: Mobile – Growth

We developed rancardmobility.com, a cloud-based mobile SDP + content management + dynamic carrier billing, and extended connectivity into Sierra Leone and Tanzania, and in one instance a 6 country, 18 telco simulcast for the 2008 Nescafe African Revelation.

In 2009 we deployed Google SMS Search in Nigeria, Senegal and in Ghana; in 2010 we opened up in Lagos and attained 1 billion message transactions. We continued network expansion in 2011 into 3 continents.

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2012 – 2014: Mobile – Maturity

By 2012, we had connected more than 70 mobile networks across Africa, the Middle East and Asia, covering more than 250 million mobile subscribers and hosted major developers and content providers on rancardmobility.com including Google, BBC, MTV, VOA and ESPN.

In 2013 we built the new Voice Apps platform, an intelligent mobile voice content engagement portal addressing language, literacy and lifestyle in the consumption preferences of a majority of mobile users in Africa and other emerging markets.

Today: Social Recommendations, Big Data – Evolution 

Since 2014 we’ve been focused on transforming our business to respond to the greatest need of mobile users everywhere – discovering relevant stuff, be it content, ads, or retail merchandise.

Through our research in preceding years, we determined social recommendations to be the most effective means of discovery, anchored on trust and familiarity, delivering relevance and serendipity. So we built Rendezvous – a social graph + algorithm to deliver social recommendations to power the future of mobile advertising, online retail, content recommendations and a whole new experience in mobile and social.

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Below is what we stand for as a company


We predict the future by inventing it and never rest on our past laurels. At Rancard, we don’t believe in ‘one-hit wonders’. What good is it to produce something great, but only once? Not only do we believe in being excellent, but being excellent all the time, in every way. This is the Rancard way of life and every one of our staff holds this dearly.


For us, integrity is based on faith and practiced as a strategic business tool and is a fundamental tenet in our business. With responsibility for managing and extending access to mobile billing systems, we are trusted with providing authenticity in data reporting and archiving as the basis on which many of our clients determine their revenue performance.


Over the years, we’ve formed relationships on trust and reliability that thrive by working with our clients and partners to achieve and exceed their goals through adept solutions, cutting edge product development with reliable support. This is the most important thing our clients demand of us, and we offer them a money-back guarantee against our 99.97% uptime promise.

To reach one of the fastest growing markets