The Rancard cloud delivers a suite of products that enables brands and enterprises connect with relevant mobile audiences

Rendezvous – Social Recommendations Engine

Composed of a cloud-based social graph of connected mobile users and their shared interests. Rendezvous generates highly relevant social recommendations, enabling brands and retailers to acquire relevant customers and boost ecommerce sales with personalized offers.

R2 AI-Enabled Engagement Platform


R2 is a virtual agent that makes use of best-in-class Machine Learning and AI to automate interactions between businesses and their customers.  R2 is your customized Artificially Intelligent (AI) personal assistant or customer service agent for both small and large businesses to build and manage an automated response system or bot to efficiently respond to customers’ requests. The AI virtual agent or bot can handle all requests from customers and notify staff when it encounters any difficulties it can’t handle. The virtual agent is subsequently trained to better handle all such difficulties, getting significantly better as it matures.



Unify – Mobile Cloud SDP

The cloud service delivery platform is a suite of J2EE applications which leverage and emphasize the power of open-source technology. These high-availability, high-performance applications also function as a platform to which third-party applications can connect in the delivery of services/content and messaging over mobile operator networks. The Unify (previously platform supports communication over HTTP, XML, SMPP and other protocols. APIs for supported protocols are available in the documentation for each application.

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