R2 is Now Live On Zendesk Platform

Engaging your customers just got easier with R2, an AI-powered Customer Engagement App from Rancard.

Instant Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are constantly being engaged by both your customers and potential customers. To have an account on Zendesk means you consider support to be a major part of your business. Now with R2 on Zendesk you can  reach out to your customers anytime on their preferred channels.

R2 blends the power of emerging AI and machine learning technologies to model tailored workflows for conversational engagement with user sentiment analysis and brand character recognition. R2 enables personalized engagement with support for more than 5 chat platforms and up to 64 languages. The platform allows customer service agents to simultaneously handle multiple chat sessions to quickly resolve customer issues.

R2 Enables companies on  Zendesk to:

  • Create customized Auto-Responses or use already existing FAQs from your Zendesk account.
  • Easily categorize your messages by filtering your messaging tickets per account or per channel.
  • Deliver relevant personalized answers and fulfillment in real-time to your customers
  • Improve revenue generation through conversions resulting from accurate context determination
  • Reduce issue resolution load on your human agents allowing a more efficient distribution of organizational resources


R2 is a virtual agent that makes use of best-in-class Machine Learning and AI to automate the interactions between businesses and their customers.

The AI virtual agent or bot can handle all requests from customers and notify staff when it encounters any difficulties it can’t handle. The virtual agent is subsequently trained to better handle all such difficulties, getting significantly better as it matures.

R2 has been published on Zendesk blog under their September app integrations. See more here https://www.zendesk.com/blog/september-app-integrations/

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