Rancard Co-founder & CEO transitions to Executive Vice Chair

ACCRA, Ghana – October 1, 2019 — Rancard announced on Tuesday that Kofi Dadzie, its Co-founder and CEO, transitioned to the role of Executive Vice Chairman of the Group.

Ernest Osei-Wusu, Group Vice President for Finance & Administration, was in February 2019 appointed General Manager for Rancard in Ghana, and thus leads the team pending the board appointment of a successor for the CEO position.

In his words, Kofi indicates, ”It’s a privilege to step down from management, having built an organization with the spirit and structure to evolve and progress beyond its founders.

Our corporate model needs this kind of renewal, where leadership transitions smoothly from one generation to another, refreshing the spirit of innovation.

In this regard, I have confidence that the leadership team we have and are continuing to build will make progress in delivering on the vision and the mission.”

Kofi has served as CEO of Rancard since 2006, prior to which he played other leadership roles as a co-founder of the business in 2001. Among other things, he led the initial growth in mobile service applications, expanding international footprint in service delivery to over 25 countries in 3 continents. He also spurred the recent evolution to AI-enabled engagement powered by the patented Rendezvous graph technology.

He will continue to be active in the business through March 2020, supporting the leadership transition process, refining the group structure and working with the software development team in its focus on conversational AI and knowledge graphs.

About Ernest Osei-Wusu:
Ernest joined Rancard in 2009 and as an Accountant Analyst played a significant role in the financial structure of the organization including in its first subsidiary in Nigeria.

He has held various senior positions in financial management in the business, and became Group Vice President of Finance in 2017 and then General Manager for Rancard’s operating head office in Ghana in 2019. Beyond his operational responsibilities, he also manages investor and other key stakeholder relations across Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritius and the US.

Ernest has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from KNUST, is a certified Chartered Accountant and holds an Executive MBA from the University of Ghana.

About Rancard:
Rancard enables global brands to connect with relevant audiences via AI-powered conversational product and service discovery.

The company’s patented Rendezvous graph technology and R2 AI platform enable over 450,000 users in more than 80 languages with conversational AI engagement with brands Jumia, Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Best Buy, Apple iTunes, with merchants on Shopify, Zendesk and on mobile carriers such as MTN, Vodafone.

Rancard historically revolutionized mobile value-added services with a carrier-grade cloud-based service delivery platform, connecting Google, MTV, BBC, ESPN, VOA and other major brands to mobile carriers across 3 continents and 25 countries.

Backed by investment firms Intel, Adlevo and Peninsula Capital, Rancard has operations in Accra, San Francisco, Lagos and Port Louis.