Voice Apps


The Voice Apps product suite overcomes the limitations of data connectivity and smartphone penetration in emerging markets by turning feature phones into voice-driven smartphones. With local language enabled features including Voice Search, Voice Recognition and Music Fingerprinting, Voice Apps allows feature phone users to enjoy smartphone-like capabilities.


Where can you find Voice Apps?

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For Users:

  • Voice Apps turns any phone into a voice-driven smartphone
  • Music Fingerprinting tells you the song title, artist and allows you to download the track directly
  • Voice Search allows a user to access directory, news and info services on demand

For Operators:

  • Leading local artists with their content on your network. In other words, get local content your users want
  • Drive up your ARPUs by encouraging content sharing and downloads
  • Deliver new capabilities with minimal infrastructure investments

For Content Providers:

  • Allows access to a much wider subscriber base, regardless of mobile device type, through voice content in local vernacular languages
  • In-app recommendation via Rendezvous will accelerate subscriber growth for high-performing services to do even better.
  • Modular systems allow for quick time to market


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