WhatsApp Business App for SME’s vs Enterprise Solution

Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Wechat according to statista.com are the most  popular global mobile messenger applications Ref.:statistics of most popular messaging apps

With the launch of WhatsApp Business App businesses now have access to an official whatsapp number with the ability to showcase globally a description of the business, website, store location; smart messaging capabilities like greetings, away messages, quick replies and reporting stats for messages sent, delivered and read. Whatsapp business a seperate app built with the small business owner in mind was launched by Whatsapp in the first quarter of 2018 and currently available on Android only. Nonetheless WABetinfo claims work on IOS has already started.

AccraFlorist becomes GlobalFlorist and will need more than the current WhatsApp business app. An enterprise engagement model will now be the ideal option for GlobalFlorist. For a wholesome enterprise engagement, a programmatic access through whatsapp API’s to build chatbots, provide a base for support systems within the whatsapp ecosystem.  

Whatsapp in an earlier communication however stated the launch of an enterprise solution, “The Business app will later be joined by an enterprise solution aimed at large businesses with a global customer base – like airlines, e-commerce sites, and banks, WhatsApp had said last fall.” Ref.: https://techcrunch.com/2018/01/18/whatsapp-officially-launches-its-app-for-businesses-in-select-markets/

However this was not mentioned in the launch of the Whatsapp business App. Making Whatsapp developer API’s or Whatsapp business APK available for companies like Rancard who have built customer engagement solutions (R2CEP), would enable bigger companies and enterprises to engage their many customers in a seamless way by offering an omni channel solution, building.

Currently other major chat platforms have their  there are API’s that can be played with according to  Cloudrail.com

R2CEP refers to the AI enablement of Rancard’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP), i.e. omni-channel – multi-language, capabilities of a customer engagement platform plus AI-enabled dialog as the means of engagement with the end-user.



In essence,  live/human agents who typically delivers customer engagement function is augmented by an artificial agent or bot through channels such as whatsApp, email, web, skype, twitter and messenger for now. GlobalFlorist is able to manage whatsapp customers via their call centre with a bot that escalates to the agent accessible portal.


A typical user experience for GlobalFlorist would be – a flower order is made by a customer of GlobalFlorsit, an integration to Whatsapp enterprise solution will allow R2CEP to follow through and update the user on the stage a delivery is and send a confirmation message through WhatsApp automatically. With the bot capability, automated notifications from Whatsapp can be sent to users anytime with no human intervention. Customers will receive their message through the company’s verified whatsapp profile. In the case where there are connectivity issues, or the user is not available on a particular channel an available alternate channel will be used to further notify the customer e.g. through SMS and or the other available channels.

This solution includes realtime reporting, management of agent, bot response accuracy, bot to agent escalations, pending issues, multiple whatsapp numbers etc.

For connecting to R2 customer engagement platform – try it out – See how it works: