Rancard’s Rendezvous platform extends a number of components that developers can use in enhancing user acquisition and engagement in apps and web portals.

The Rendezvous SDK can be embedded in a mobile app or web portal to enable the social graph to capture signals and to surface social recommendations to users.

The SDK release 1.1 will be available to developers for download in early 2016.

Rendezvous API extensions:

  • social graph engagement
  • viral programming
  • engagement messaging
  • social retargeting
  • social retail index
  • social voucher programming


Our mobile service delivery platform (SDP) connects to messaging gateways and billing systems on mobile networks and hides the complexities of deploying, managing and delivering content and services via an intuitive web-based portal.

mobile SDP

The platform is a suite of J2EE applications which leverage and emphasize the power of open-source technology. These high-availability, high-performance applications also function as a platform to which third-party applications can connect in the delivery of services/content and messaging over mobile operator networks. Currently, the rancardmobility platform supports communication over HTTP, XML and SMPP. APIs for supported protocols are available in the documentation for each application.