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The Rancard Support platform, among other things, enables your clients to conveniently seek service support and log complaints from any communication channel of their choice, manage their portfolios and sign on to new services,.


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How it works

If there is one thing that customers dislike, it is staying in queues for long periods of time, either for responses or to acquire a product(s).
With Rancard Support, every customer feels special! No one is left lagging behind in queues.

An AI Bot is installed into your existing social channels (web inclusive), making it your primary response partner. With our Machine Learning feature, it intelligently improves its responses over time, ensuring your customers always leave with a smile on their faces.
In instances where it is unable to resolve a query, it automatically escalates to a live human agent who takes over and ensures the customer is attended to.


Rancard Support helps customers:

Make general enquiries

Seek customer support

Manage their portfolios

Sign on to new services

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