You’ve got that awesome idea, product or service and you want enable the millions of mobile wallets out there to buy from you – say hello to PayApp.

PayApp is a cloud based mobile payments gateway that supports carrier billing, mobile wallets and electronic cards all in a single interface. So whether you want to enable micro-payments with carrier billing, or larger transactions with mobile wallets and electronic cards, Payapp is your single solution with support for local currencies in multiple African markets.


Security, reliability, versatility


Expanding coverage and local currency transactions…



Easy integration

  • Simple REST based web services makes it really easy to integrate the PayApp API with multiple operator wallets.

Keep track of payments

  • Get instant real-time user confirmation on all transactions

See the results

  • Get real time reporting and analytics information about how users are interacting with your product or service.

Get paid instantly

  • Offers near real time settlement from user’s mobile wallet to your bank account.


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