Personalized messaging for brands and people on scalable infrastructure

Unify is a cloud-based messaging service that empowers brand to deliver notifications, updates and drive interactions

You're in Good Company

Delightful Messaging Engagements

Transform your business using engagements with top-of-the-line messaging infrastructure that scales regardless of the size of your business

Account Verification

Deliver in-app one-time passwords (OTPs), multi-factor authentication (MFA), IVR Deflection, all with SMS

Customer Support

Offer support on toll-free voice calls and messaging without any costs to customers

Marketing & Sales

Offer support on toll-free voice calls and messaging without any costs to customers

Interactive Apps

Deploy interactive apps on USSD to conduct polls, surveys, gather consumer insights


Intuitive integrations that enable you process donations, payments & collections from anyone

Unified Reports

Get delivery reports on all engagements and know what’s working for your brand in realtime

In Touch With Your Customers. Whenever, Wherever.

Unify provides multiple engagement channels for you to stay in touch with your audience

SMS Messaging

Deliver SMS messaging at scale to customers, while they access

Voice Messaging

Just like Bulk SMS, our Bulk Voice Calls service allows merchant to activate large scale messaging with their audience or customers - this time through voice.


This is a ticketing solution that allows brands to easily generate tickets, organise and manage your events and also keep track of them.


PayApp is a frictionless cloud-based mobile payment gateway that enables brands to bill and debit mobile wallets and electronic cards.

Toll-Free Messaging

Toll-free SMS is a service that allows users to send personalized messages to other customers through applications and receive responses from them.


Our USSD service makes use of interactive menus to engage customers or audience after they have reached an activated shortcode for a merchants purposes.

Integrations that Makes Business Better

Low cost per engagement

Our messaging units have a 12-month lifespan and gets cheaper as you purchase more messaging units.


Our system architecture is engineered for high availability, redundan, and robustness when delivering messages.

API Integration

We provide API keys for that gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience directly from your own platform.

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